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Michael Myers Evo by PandaPawPaw
Michael Myers Evo
One of my favourite Horror movies is the original 1978 Halloween. I've seen it many times but Michael Myers still scares the hell out of me. :cry:

I wanted the drawing to show some sort of evolution or growing up so I drew Michael Myers as both the menacing child and the evil killer he would later go on to become.

I added the Pumpkin in the background as that is the third thing you see when the opening credits start and well errr it's Halloween. ;p
Deception by PandaPawPaw
I wanted to create some kind of Geisha girl type of drawing and to try something totally different.

I had no idea what to call it but I settled on the word 'Deception' as I feel that the drawing is kind of like that. ;p

Is the person a man or women, kind or evil or are they even human?

I have no idea so I'll leave that up to you to decide. :D
Papa Shango by PandaPawPaw
Papa Shango
I never saw Papa Shango wrestle apart from seeing some clips on YouTube (black magic on the Ultimate Warrior being rather odd) ;p but he didn't seem like a popular character and maybe a bit too wacky/OTT (if there is such a thing in Wrestling?). :D

So even though I know very little about him, he always stood out to me due to his crazy voodoo gimmick and skull face paint.

I used various photos of him that I found online as a reference which weren't that great/detailed and I did my best with the bone necklace even though it isn't 100% accurate, I do feel it turned out pretty good (but it was a pain in the arse to do!). :D

I tried to merge the wrestler together with the gimmick hence the face looking like a cross between a man and a real skull.

I did the background without thinking and I actually like the weird smoke effect as it looks like some magic is taking place so I kept it. ;p
Kane by PandaPawPaw
This was a drawing I had started a while ago but had left it alone for quite sometime so it was next on my list of 'to do's'.

I always liked Kane, well when he was a proper big red monster and not the joke that he is now. I like how he complimented the Undertakers gimmick and the whole brothers of destruction thing. It's just a shame Kanes gimmick hasn't been solid over the years.

I chose to do an unmasked version mainly because I had trouble doing the masked version iirc but I am more happy with this version. ;P

The buckles where the hardest part due to the angles but I think that is my favourite part of the drawing due to the details.

I gave him a red eye instead of the white/normal ones he has to kind of emphasise the devil within him and that he is The Devil's Favourite Demon. :D
Brock Lesnar by PandaPawPaw
Brock Lesnar

This was a drawing I had started a good while ago but had put it to one side while I finished other projects so it was next on my list of 'to finish' drawings.

I wanted to make it quite exaggerated and not proportioned hence the big head and small body. :D

I chose the UFC as the theme instead of the WWE as I wanted to do something different and break away from all the wrestling related drawings I've done recently.

The shorts were tough to draw due to the logos. I created the tattoos, Jack Link's and DeathClutch logos from scratch where as the UFC, Dymatize, Jimmy John's, Rocky and Case logos where created from existing vectors which I edited/warped though I still had to correct them as they were either missing things or were not very well done.

It was a tough drawing to do where some things work and some things don't but overall it was an interesting piece to work on and I learned a few things on the way. :D



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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I have always loved to draw since I was a small kid and I remember the first thing I drew which was a Mickey Mouse picture off the side of a Mug. Drawing was the most acessable thing for me to do when I was young so I ended up doing that a lot.

I used to draw anything ranging from the Teenage Mutant Ninja (or Hero in the UK at the time) Turtles all the way to actual Humans I saw in shows like UK Gladiators or Wrestling.

It was a hobbie and nothing more when I was a kid. As I grew up I never really put it to good use and rarely finished any drawings I had started which became a habit and really bugged me.

I went to College and did Art & Design which I didn't really enjoy and it didn't do much for me.

I went through a long phase of drawing exsisting characters like the Capcom creations or things from Anime but after a long time I stopped as I started to realise this was pointless as I was not drawing anymore and merely copying someone elses work.

Anyway about 2-3 years ago I decided it was time I started using my drawing skills (if you can call it skilled that is :D) and I would start to do completed drawings.

So I have currently 11 pictures finished (WOO-HOO) and I am still moving forward.

While I don't think they are perfect or even close to that, I am proud I am doing something positive and now I have nice bits of Artwork to show people.

For me each picture tells a story and it is up to the viewers to either put it together or create there own story up. :D

Anyway I hope you enjoy my artwork.

Arigatou gozaimasu. :)

Current Residence: Bamboo Island
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Anime
Operating System: Windows 7
Shell of choice: Vanilla
Favourite cartoon character: Stewie


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Bruce Lee, JackieChan, Takeshi Kitano, wrestling, free fight, TMNT (old movie)... full of good references in your gallery. ;')
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Thank you so much for the kind comments. I really appreciate it. :)
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Yes that is great thank you. :)

Hehe, he must win as I can't stand Vettel's pointy finger anymore!!!! :x :D ;P

Also IMO Alonso is the best driver on the grid. I just hope Ferrari can get some more speed out of their car.
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